Eccentric Hairstyles in 60’s for Girls

Hairstyles In The 60S Short

The fashion in 1960 reached a new dimension never before seen, likewise, and wonderful hairstyles in 60’s began to see the light and were worn by many of the girls who love fashion and parties. Today we bring you several suggestions for hairstyles that are iconic of the 60’s so choose the one you like […]

Best hairstyles for women according to posture


Besides age and face shape, body shape is one of the factors to consider when specify feasible best hairstyles for women. Not everyone is cut short hair or long, curly or straight. Following this guidelines for you. Thin body. Haircut should be able to show the impression of fat body rather than actual. You can look […]

Shoulder Hairstyles With Bangs and Layers


Shoulder hairstyles with bangs and layers – It steps into the sky with a hairstyle hair that reaches the shoulders. Provides thickness and versatility. Add more beauty with several options with bangs and layers. Use a fringe combed to the side, long or forehead. Get a glamorous look with waves or strands cut into segments that highlight […]

Great Ideas about Haircuts for Short Wavy Hair


Haircuts for short wavy hair into one of the following the preferred after hairstyles for straight hair. Straight hair into hair that most women the preferred. There are times when a woman wants to try another hair style, but they do not want them to be overly curly hair. Therefore, they decided to try wavy […]

Most Popular Hairstyles Short Haircuts


Do want to try hairstyles short haircuts? Why not, in some people it seems more fitting with short hair style. Some of the celebrities of Hollywood and local celebrities also prove it. How to style short hair in 2014? Hairstyle trend continues over and over. Possible hairstyles pixie, bob and layered and its variants will […]

New Medium Hairstyles for Thin Hair


Medium hairstyles for thin hair that you can apply to your thin hair for covering it, is various. Most people judge that thin hair reflects weak personality, according to the characteristics of women. But actually this isn’t true, because person’s personality cannot be measured by their physical form. But still, the outside appearance of a […]

Latest Short Hairstyle for Men Ideas


Short hairstyle for men is very suitable. That’s because, the man who wears a short hairstyle will look more masculine. A short hair style for this year does not have a large average difference between the hairs before. The difference is the creation of more varied haircuts. If you want to use a short hair […]

Wet Look Hairstyles 2016 Trends


Wet look hairstyles become one of the trends in this year. Many celebrities use this hair style, even when on the red carpet. Therefore, many women began to imitate the celebrity hairstyles. This hairstyle is made in such a way to make it look like the hair is still wet. Thus, the hair will look […]

Trendy Curly Hairstyles in 2016


This article is dedicated to women who have great trendy curly hairstyles. The long curly hair is difficult to comb. So, here we point out curly hairstyles which facilitate processing of the hair, the same time improve the image of women hair with curls. We show different curly hairstyles for women in 2016. We will […]

Short Ladies Hair Styles for Beautiful Women 2016


Short ladies hair styles can be useful and also trying. Sometimes it is difficult to short hairstyles that do not decompose. However, there are haircuts that are usually easy and take time and energy while making them save. ‘s better to be careful to choose shorter hairstyles because some of short hairstyles can have a […]

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