An inverted medium lob with soft razored layers for thick hair

A medium hairstyle for thick hair is designed to lessen the weight of a dense mane by layering the hair. Choosing to go mid-length is guaranteed to bring the best out of your voluminous hair – and here are the reasons why:

Having thick tresses allows you so many choices of hairstyle because of the natural fullness and texture that you’ve got – which is very much the trend right now! You can tick that carefree, beach hair off your hair-bucket list easily with strategically placed layers and shoulder-grazing length.

In order for thick hair to have dimension, internal texture is required. This is what gives that modern, voguish look that celebrity A-listers like Olivia Munn, Salma Hayek, Cheryl Cole, and Ciara are sporting right now!

When it comes to products, it’s number-one rule to avoid styling products that will weigh your strands down. These include stronghold hairsprays and heavy creams. Talk to your stylist for suggestions on what lightweight products to use!

It’s time to show off the power of your thick locks! Here are the most popular medium hairstyles for thick hair that’ll help you out!

Shaggy Medium Bob

A shaggy medium bob for thick hair
Instagram @prissyhippiebeautyshop

If a relaxed and effortless hairstyle sounds awesome for you, this is the one you’ll love. Wear this shaggy medium bob hairstyle, and you’ll make a statement. The balayage and teasylights will create a sun-kissed finish on a brunette hair. For a unique outcome, you can show it off with the face-framing highlights, too. The tousled texture will not harm the entire look, so don’t forget about it.

Medium Length Lob with Layers

A medium length lob with layers for thick hair
Instagram @laurenhalehair

If you want to go for a haircut that grazes your shoulder, pull off this shoulder-length lob with layers. Add beach waves because the choppy layers will go pretty well with these. Highlights on your brown tresses will make it shine even without the sun.

Lob with Swoopy Face-Framing Layers

A medium lob with swoopy face-framing layers for thick hair
Instagram @douglas_siqueira1

Be innovative and get yourself a hairstyle that, at first glance, will make people love your look. This lob with swoopy face-framing layers has a touch of elegance with the tousled texture added to it. The shaggy cut can lessen your hair’s thickness and highlight your balayage ends.

Tousled Style

A medium tousled style for thick hair
Instagram @anyawinsorbeauty

For a youthful and gorgeous appearance, this one suits you the best. This shoulder-length tousled hair has subtle layers but a visible dimension. Color the blonde highlights using foils to make them pop even more. Also, combine texture and curls to create a messy-looking effect.

Curly with Side Bangs

A medium curly hairstyle with side bangs for thick hair
Instagram @ceremonyportland

A medium curly style with side bangs will have even more volume on a shaggy bob cut. For a stunning finish, add a chestnut red shade to your tresses.

Jagged Lob with Long Side Bangs

A jagged medium lob with long side bangs for thick hair
Instagram @x_x_jefe_x_x

A beautiful jagged lob with long side bangs for a beautiful lady like you. The shaggy cut creates detailed hair ends, making it looks lovelier. The texture will also perfectly go with the color-melting blonde shade and babylights.

Wavy Balayage

A medium wavy balayage for thick hair
Instagram @luxethecolourlounge

Pull off this thick, wavy balayage, and you’ll have the kind of flawless style you ever wish to have. To lighten your dark tresses, a balayage will give it a sun-kissed and natural color effects. Add soft beach waves to your subtle shaggy cut to make your look on-point.

Beach Waves

Medium beach waves for thick hair
Instagram @siany_claps

Thick tresses plus beach waves? The result will leave them speechless. The honey blonde tone will give these thick beachy waves a sophisticated touch. If you’re an older woman, this color will also be effective in hiding your little greys.

Lob with V Cut Choppy Layers

Lob with v cut choppy layers for thick hair
Instagram @cosmo_dom

This lob with v-cut choppy layers results in a haircut that’s sensational and on fleek. The soft texture will go well with your light golden brown hair. For a natural-looking effect, do a balayage technique using foils.

Feathered Layers for Straight Hair

Feathered layers for medium straight thick hair
Instagram @inspiracao.divas

Do you have blunt and thick tresses? If so, you must not miss having this hairstyle with feathered layers for straight hair. Ideal for your neck-length shaggy bob cut, you’ll definitely rock this messy-textured look. Whether you have natural brunette tresses or a brown balayage, this will appear superb on you.

Blonde Hair with Wild Layers

Medium blonde with wild layers for thick hair
Instagram @capellisalonnewyork

Since your hair is like a dazzling diamond that you need to treasure, it’s only crucial to style it with glam. This blonde hair with wild layers suits you the best if you love shaggy hairstyle and cut. This kind of color will give your tresses a dimension, perfect for your textured beach waves.

Medium Textured Cut

A medium textured cut for thick hair
Instagram @deathmothstudio

Many ladies already wear a bob haircut, so you have to make a stronger impact. Good news! This medium textured cut got you covered! The movement, made by the beach waves, will do well with ash-blonde balayage and babylights.

Side Parted Brunette Shag

A medium side parted brunette shag for thick hair
Instagram @r_y_b_light

The flawless result of this medium side-parted brunette shag will surely astound everyone. Add more spice to this hairstyle by adding light brown highlights.

Elongated Layered Cut with Voluminous Crown

An elongated medium layered cut with voluminous crown for thick hair
Instagram @manequeenjess

Be a real bombshell with this elongated layered cut with a voluminous crown. The texture and movement will do a good job of highlighting a subtle dimension to your hair. Do it on your chestnut auburn chocolate tresses, and you’ll come out with a dramatic finish.

Dramatic Highlights

Dramatic highlights for thick medium length hair
Instagram @salonmetta

A thick medium length hair will be more noticeable by adding dramatic highlights to those shaggy layers. The balayage color and beach waves complement each other to give that brunette hair a hot revamp.

Chopped Angled Medium Bob

A chopped angled medium bob for thick hair
Instagram @hairfromrhea

This chopped, angled medium bob is ideal for your thick hair if it needs a striking makeover. Your natural brunette locks will look sassy with shadow roots and brown highlights. Beach waves and texture are advisable to make the subtle dimension pop.

Medium Layers and Flipped Ends

Medium layers and flipped ends for thick hair
Instagram @bonnieannscott

Give your thick hair a gorgeous revamped look with this medium layers and flipped ends. Perfect for your brunette tresses, the waves bring out volume and texture for a lovely end result.

Inverted Lob with Soft Razored Layers

An inverted medium lob with soft razored layers for thick hair
Instagram @geribeth23

Brush out your curls and give them a nice volume and texture using a hairspray. That way, you can achieve this stunning inverted lob with soft razored layers. The shade of icy blonde combines with dirty blonde looks mesmerizing on shadow roots. It truly proves that lob and balayage are a perfect combo!

Layered Dark Brown Lob

Medium layered dark brown lob for thick hair
Instagram @lerer.c

The combination of layers and waves never fails to spark off an eye-catching style. This layered dark brown lob will make your thick hair more interesting with hints of golden hue. Hairstylist Lerer Chen from Pasadena, CA took five hours to finish the look. It includes the haircut, color correction, and balayage, but the payoff is all worth it.

Rounded Collarbone Bob

A medium rounded collarbone bob for thick hair
Instagram @madi_hair.slivers

In case you have thick hair, a rounded collarbone bob cut will look good on you. This one has choppy ends and gradual stacked layers to achieve the inverted a-line cut. The combined brown and blonde colors create a fun and exciting finish to the entire look.